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IMCOM 2022 will be organized online where sessions will be virtually hosted. The conference will use Zoom for online sessions, and use Whova platform for participant engagement. For each accepted paper, one presenter must register at our Cvent registration system (guidelines can be found here), and using the same contact email address to register at Whova .

Presentation Guidelines
During an online session, the pre-recorded videos submitted by the authors will be played, followed by a live Q&A, in which the presenter of the paper must be present. The time allocated to each presentation is as follows.

  • Keynote speech: 30 mins video streaming and 15 mins for live Q&A
  • Regular presentation: 10 mins video streaming and 5 mins for live Q&A
  • Short presentation: 5 mins video streaming and 2 mins for live Q&A
  • Lightning paper: 5 mins video posted in Whova. The Q&A will be conducted through Whova text-based discussion rooms.
All presenters must submit a pre-recorded video of their talk to the conference through the Whova platform no later than December 22, 2021 (We will provide presenters the links to upload via emails). The recorded video must not be longer than the specified duration mentioned above. All paper presentation must be accompanied by a signed release form (We will request you to send us a complete release form via email as well).

Video Recording Guidelines

For the first slide presentation, the presenter must use the first page template provided here. From the second slide, they are free to use their own presentation style. Please make sure that:
  • The recorded video must be in .mp4 format, using h264 codec.
  • The aspect ratio is 16:9
  • Preferred resolution is 720p
  • Presentation slides must be full-screen
  • The presentation should be recorded with the camera ON
  • The recorded audio must be clear
If you have questions on how to record and upload video, please contact us at The maximum file size for each type of presentation is as follows.
  • Keynote speech: 300 MB
  • Regular presentation: 100 MB
  • Short presentation: 50 MB
  • Lightning paper: 50MB
A good option to record video with high definition while maintaining affordable file size is an integrated recording feature in Zoom (free). You can share your PowerPoint screen, turn on camera and record your presentation. Note that, you can start a meeting without the need to invite any guest, and choose "Local Recording" in Settings to save your video file locally. Please ensure that the microphone volume in the computer and light level in the room are adjusted before recording to capture the presentation in the best quality.

**Note: A complete recording guidelines with Zoom can be found here.

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