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Tourist Atractions

National Taichung Theater

National Taichung Theater, nicknamed "the Most Difficult House to Accomplish" by the industry, was designed by the internationally acclaimed Japanese architect, Toyo Ito. Drawn from the concept of the Sound Cave, National Taichung Theater makes the best of its streamlined, rigid silhouette by means of modern techniques and materials, and then turns itself into an active venue. The images of streams and hanging gardens on the exterior of the opera house break the usual binary separation between stage and audience, as well as outdoors and indoors. It aims to initiate more conversations among people, art and architecture, while bringing people back to the basic aspect of life: feeling real.

Calligraphy Greenway

The band-shaped city space that is Green Park Road connects the National Museum of Natural Science, Citizens' Plaza, CMP Park Lane, an arts space, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and a food-selling street. The atmosphere changes with each different activity; sometimes bustling, sometimes tranquil, the space is sometimes full, and sometimes empty, giving the area a natural harmony and flow like that of grass script calligraphy. As the design was based on the concept of finding the way to write 'grass script' calligraphy, it is also known as the Calligraphy Greenway.

Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way

The 4.5 kilometer long Hou-Feng bike path was built along the old Mountain Railway Line. The beautiful scenery constantly varies. It crosses an iron bridge over the Dajia River and goes through the old railway tunnel, adding to its charm. Around 12 kilometers long, Dongfeng Bicycle Green Way Green Corridor was the first bikeway to be made from a disused railway line in Taiwan. It has lovely scenery and exudes Hakka charm. Tree planting along the bikeway has made it a green corridor that perfectly complements the Dajia River that runs beside it. This bikeway connects to Hou-Feng bike path and is a popular leisure spot in the Taichung area.

Taichung Park

Since it was opened in 1903, this Park has been an important Taichung landmark. The Park has a man-made lake, pavilions, arched bridges and other landscape features, as well as an outdoor stage, children's playground, tennis courts and other recreational facilities, making it suitable for the whole family. As the Park is located in central Taichung and is easy to get to, it is a popular family destination during weekends and holidays.

Wufeng Lin Family Garden

The Wufeng Lin Family House is the collective name given to the garden and residences in Wufeng, which consists primarily of the upper and lower house and the Lai Garden. At present the lower house is still being renovated. Lai Garden, in which Ming-Tai Vocational High School is located, was built for his mother by juren imperial scholar Lin Wen-hsien and became famous throughout Taiwan as the Lin Family Garden. In the years since it was first built in the Qing dynasty, the style of the buildings has changed considerably. In the later period, new buildings and gardens that are a mix of Chinese, Western and Japanese styles appeared.

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