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Conference Venue

B-Con Plaza

The conference will be held at B-Con Plaza, Beppu, Japan. Beppu is blessed with an abundance of natural glory from sea to mountains, plateaus, and the most famous hot springs in Japan. B-Con Plaza itself is situated in the spacious and verdant Beppu Park. This convention center is one of the largest in western Japan, with a convention hall which can house up 8,000 seats. The artistic and graceful design of the Global Tower is symbolic of the purpose of B-CON Plaza, which is to provide a place for people from all over the world to meet and exchange information.

Address: 12-1 Yamanotecho, Beppu 874-0828, Oita, Japan


+ Beppu Spa Shiragiku Hotel
+ Beppu Kamenoi Hotel
+ Hanabishi Hotel
+ Seawave Beppu Hotel
+ New Matsumi Hotel
+ Beppu Fujikan Hotel
+ New Tsuruta Hotel
+ Seifu Hotel
+ Nishitetsu Resort Inn Beppu
+ Sun Vallry Annex Hotel
+ Other hotels

Map & Direction

From Fukuoka International Airport, one can go to the Beppu's B-Con Plaza by two ways.
+ By train
   Fukuoka Intl Airport -> Hakata Station (~6 mins)
   Hakata Station -> Beppu Station (~97 mins), transfer 1 time at Kokura Station
+ By bus
   Fukuoka Intl Airport -> Beppu-Kitahama (~108 mins)

For further information, please visit the transportation route search sites: Train and Bus

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