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Jigoku Mushi
Jigoku Mushi (literally "hell-steaming") is a traditional Kanawa cooking method in which fish, meat, eggs, and vegetables are steamed in mineral-rich hot spring steam to delicious perfection. There is even a place in Kannawa where you can try Jigoku Mushi cooking by yourself.

Beppu Reimen
The roots of this local cuisine can be found in Manchuria. The dish consists of chewy ramen noodles in Japanese seasoned-broth and served cold. You can find it anywhere in Beppu.

Beppu Toriten
Local cuisine originating from Beppu, Toriten is chicken fried in tempura batter. It is usually served in a soy and vinegar sauce, with karashi (Japanese mustard) on the side for dipping. You can find Toriten at Japanese restaurants, Chinese restaurants or at cafes.

Shiroshita Flounder
A marbled flounder fish that lives on the ocean floor below Hiji Castle remains where fresh water from Beppu Bay gushes out. Due to its rarity and delectable flavor, the fish was used as an offering to the Tokugawa shoguns of the Edo period. Hiji offers many ways for people to enjoy the taste of the ShinoshitaKarei, so please enjoy to your heart뭩 content.

Seki Mackerel
For centuries, the horse mackerel and chub mackerel caught by the intrepid fishermen of Saganoseki in Oita City have been prized around Japan. They are known, respectively, as "sakiaji" and "sekisaba" Fishermen with long years of experience and expertise catch the fish using the traditional pole-and-line method to ensure sustainability. Sekiaji and sekisaba draw attention to the skill and commitment of the people who catch them, battling the waves day after day to bring home fresh seafood.

Beppu Pudding
Hell Steamed Puddings are custard puddings sold in Beppu, Oita. The puddings are made from its ordinary ingredients milk, eggs, sugar and fresh cream but are unique in that they are steamed with hot spring steam. If you ever get the chance to visit the spectacular eight hells, be sure to try the famous pudding.

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