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Tourist Atractions

Jigoku Meguri (Hell Tour)

Amazing, steaming, bubbling hot springs gushing out of 250-300 deep under the ground, Jigoku (Hell) is one of Beppu's most famous tourist attractions. "Umi Jigoku" of the cobalt blue hot water at 98?, "Chinoike Jigoku" of the bloody red water, the spectacular geyser of "Tatsumaki Jigoku" shooting up to 20m high and all these will surely entertain you.

Kijima Kogen Park

In an extensive area of 25ha, a wooden roller coaster Jupiter, "Ferris wheel", "Toy Kingdom" and all the other attractions welcome both children and adults. Also, there are a golf course and a hotel provided next to the park.

Mt. Takasaki Natural Park

Located in the Setonaikai National Park, the mountain faces Beppu bay. It is a habitat of Japanese monkeys. Around 1700 monkeys are divided into three groups. Each group comes down by turns to a feeding place and entertains the visitors. Now the "Osaru-kan" and the "Sarukko-rail" are opened.

Umi Tamago

It is an aquarium surrounded by the sea and mountains. You can enjoy the Dolphin and the Sea Otter Show, and a world-sized pool to touch and play with fish.

Jigoku-mushi Kobo Kannawa

(Steamed Dish Kitchen of Kannawa) Kannawa Onsen area have been popular tojiba (hot spring bath) since ancient times. The steaming spectacle show you different appearance depending on season and different time. You can try "Jigoku Mushi cooking" (steam cooking) in 98 which is using 100% of geothermal energy. Also, you have fun footbath and steam footbath in "Pocket park". It is located next to Jigoku Mushi cooking place. It is free of charge.

Beppu Traditional Bamboo Crafts Center

Beppu's traditional art works, bamboo crafts are displayed here by theme and how they related to people. There is a reference room as well as an experience room for you to try weaving bamboo and feel Beppu's bamboo culture.

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