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Arts & Museums

Oita Fragrance Museum

Oita Fragrance museum was established to celebrate 100 years since the establishment of Beppu University. There are more than 3600 valuable items that related to fragrance and the rich history behind it. On the first floor, various kinds of fragrant materials and a collection of world famous perfumes are displayed. On the second floor, they show the history of fragrance and how it related to people. You can also make your own perfume and experience aromatherapy.

Oita Prefectural Art Museum

The Oita Prefectural Art Museum is an art museum located about 30 minutes away from central Beppu in downtown Oita City. Upon entering the building, visitors are greeted by a large atrium featuring a museum shop and space for large art installations besides the ticket counter. The art galleries are located on the third floor of the museum and can be accessed via a spacious entryway with a gently curved, wood lattice ceiling. The museum displays a variety of art genres in its temporary exhibitions such as paintings, sculptures and also branches out into other art genres including poetry and performance art.

Rakanji Temple

Rakan-ji Temple is another of Oita's grandest temples. Rakanji dates from the 13th century, is built into a towering cliff, and incorporates several caves. Rakanji Temple is home to over 3,700 stone buddhas. A chairlift (or stone stairs for the hale and hearty) takes you up to Rakanji itself, and then on to the top of the mountain for a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks and valleys.

Kunisaki Peninsula

More carvings can be found on the Kunisaki Peninsula, where modern Japan seems a million miles away and the sleepy farming villages are almost eerily quiet. Countless temples and shrines dot the rugged landscape including Fuku-ji, where you can see the oldest wooden building in Kyushu and one of Oita's grandest temples, Futago-ji. The Usa-jingu shrine is the most important of all Japan's Hachiman-gu shrines dedicated to the God of War. Usa Jingu Shrine is in the city of Usa, adjacent to the Kunisaki Peninsula.

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