Information Processing Management

 Information Management
  Internet search
  Portals / UCC management
  Online communities
  Databases / XML / Data mining
  Information integration
  Information personalization

 Intelligent Information Processing
  Machine learning / Machine vision
  Autonomous computing
  Natural language processing
  Affective computing
  Human-robot interaction / Cognitive robotics
  Pattern recognition
  Expert system / AI

 Interaction Management
  Interaction systems / Multimodal interaction
  Virtual reality / Game
  Augmented cognition
  Multimedia visualization
  Speech recognition, Graphics and imaging
  Face recognition
  Pervasive computing


  Ubiquitous computing / Mobile computing / Mobile networks
  Wireless BAN/PAN/LAN / Home networks
  Wireless mesh networks
  Sensor networks / Ad hoc network
  Mobile multimedia QoS
  Mobile security / RFID
  Grid and cloud computing
  Traffic engineering / Path computation
  Agents and distributed computing
  Middleware and peer-to-peer computing

 Social Interaction
  Social computing /Informatics / Social web
  New communication media / Virtual communication design
  Edutainment, Infotainment / E-learning
  Mobile interaction
  Cyberpsychology/Engineering psychology
  Cognitive Modelling, Architecture, Design
  User modeling
  Human-computer interaction / Digital human
  Usability / User Experience

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