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February 21


Room 90104

Room 90109

14:00 -

Registration Open
(2nd floor Hall)

14:10 - 16:00

Session 1:
Ubiquitous Intelligence

Analyzing Category Correlations for Recommendation System

Predicate-Argument Reordering based on Learning to Rank for English-Korean Machine Translation

Flexible Recommendation Using Random Walks on Implicit Feedback Graph

An Approach to Use Query-related Web Context on Document Ranking

Initial Training Data Selection for Active Learning

Communication Data based User Activity Recommendations

Session 2:
Networks & Applications

Off-The-Shelf Ready To Go Middleware for Self-Reconfiguring and Self-Optimizing Ubiquitous Computing Applications

An IPTV Service Delivery Model using Novel Virtual Network Topology

Automatically Discovering Quality-Assured Consensual Knowledge in Social Web

A Method to Extract a Social Network Based on Semantic Association

Framework for Biologically Inspired Graph Optimization

An Evacuation Planner Algorithm in Flat Time Graphs

16:10 - 17:30

Poster Session 1:

Ubiquitous Computation & Interaction
(5th floor Hall)

Instant Graph Routing: Lightweight Graph Generation Scheme

A Fully Integrated Low-Power 5-GHz CMOS RF Receiver for WLAN Applications

A Study of Malware Detection and Classification by Comparing Extracted Strings

Agile Open Multiclass Performance Simulation Model for a Web Server System

Multi-criteria Group Decision Making with Fuzzy Logic and Entropy based Weighting

Wireless Cooperative Communication: A Survey

Beam-nulling based Inter Cell Interference Coordination for Heterogeneous Network

Dynamic Frequency Planning using Fractional Frequency Reuse for 3GPP LTE Femtocell Networks

Effects of shared leadership on team creativity through knowledge-sharing in an e-learning environment

Hybrid Inter-sector Coordinated Multi-point Transmission Scheme

A Fatigue Detection Algorithm by Heart Rate Variability Based on a Neuro-Fuzzy Network

Zigbee Remote Control Interface of the Robot Dog Design for Elderly People

Broadcast Analysis of Spanning Tree Flooding Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Integrity for the In-flight Webpage Based on A Fragile Watermarking Chain Scheme

Planning High Responsive Police Patrol Routes with Frequency Constraints

Environmental Sensor Network for a Pervasive Learning Space in a Finnish Biosphere Reserve

Performance Comparison of Various VoIP Codecs in Wireless Environments

Modified Map Search Engine: Geographical Features Extraction for Ranking of Modified Maps

Partial Information Relaying with Multiple Relays and Destination Nodes

Fulfilling Mobile Information Needs: A Study on the Use of Mobile Phones

A Pairing Based Cryptographic Anonymous Authentication Scheme

17:40 - 19:40

Welcome Reception
(5th floor Hall)

February 22


Room 90104

Room 90109

08:30 -

Registration Open
(2nd floor Hall)

08:30 - 09:00

Morning bread will be served with tea & coffee 

09:00 - 10:30

Session 3:
Embedded Software

Distribution log buffer scheme for NAND flash memory

Processing Continuous Top-k Data Collection Queries in Lifetime-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks

A Method for Detecting Arrhythmia Using a RR interval from ECG Data in U-Health System

Approximate Static and Continuous Range Search in Mobile Navigation

Weed Classification Based on Haar Wavelet Transform via k-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN) for Real-Time Automatic Sprayer Control System

Session 4:
Multi-Interface Networks & Mobility Management

Maximum Bandwidth Broadcast in Single and Multi-Interface Networks

Maximum Flow and Minimum-Cost Flow in Multi-Interface Networks

Modeling and Analysis of DTN in Metropolitan Bus Network

A Proxy-based Fast Handover Scheme for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6

Extension of Hierarchical Mobility Management with Multicasting Tunnels in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

10:30 - 10:50

Coffee Break

10:50 - 12:40

Session 5:
Secure Information Management
with Invited Talk 1: Yet another monetization scheme for Info-plosion
(Prof. Masaru Kitsuregawa)

A Mutual Authentication Scheme with Key Agreement for Industrial Wireless Network

Plagiarism Detection Among Source Codes Using Adaptive Local Alignment of Keywords

Security based Survivability Risk Analysis with Extended HQPN

Managing Security and Privacy in Ubiquitous eHealth Information Interchange

Session 6:
Security & Cloud Computing

A New Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Password for Mobile Environments

Mistaking friends for foes: An analysis of a social network-based Sybil defense in mobile networks

MundoMessage: Enabling Trustworthy Ubiquitous Emergency Communication

CSMC: Chord based Session Management Framework for Software as a Service Cloud

Toward Green Cloud Computing

A Pairing Based Cryptographic Anonymous Authentication Scheme

12:40 - 13:50

(6th floor 600th Anniversary Hall)

13:50 - 14:40

Keynote Speech 1: Next Generation Network, Wireless Network and Topology Control with Small Routing Cost
Prof. Ding-Zhu Du
(1st floor Room 90110)

14:40 - 15:00

Opening Remarks
(1st floor 90110)

15:10 - 16:20

Poster Session 2:

Distributed Intelligence & Networking
(5th floor Hall)

Channel Asymmetry due to Cell Deployment and Service in OFDMA/TDD Systems

Socially Interactive CDSS for u-Life Care

On the Optimal Number of Relay Stations in Two-hop Relay Cooperative Cellular Networks

Advertising effect of additional information in panoramic view service on the online map

Analysis and Countermeasures of Security Vulnerability on Portal Sites

Opportunistic Sub-carrier Allocation Algorithm for Soft Frequency Reuse in OFDMA

A Study on the Block Fragmentation Problem of SSD based on NAND Flash Memory

Cluster-based Lookup Service with Global Hashing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks

The Development of a Detection System for Seniors` Accidental Fall from Bed using Cameras

Fast Handover with Low Latency for Proxy MIPv6 in Vehicular Networks

Tag Suggestion using Visual Content and Social Tag

Realistic Performance and Complexity of Multi-Antenna Wireless Communications Systems

Projection of one's own personality to perceived personality of likable stranger in instant messenger communication

A Comprehensive Study of Delivery Strategies with Chunk Scheduling for Mesh P2P Live Streaming

Wireless/Mobile Communication Aegis Taciturn "An Automatic Call Detection & Notification System"

Query Localization Optimization and Routing Overheads Analysis

Object Panorama Creation Based on a General Photographing Environment

Defining an XML Format for Sound Synthesis

Estimation of Blind Spot Based on Driver's View

An Interactive Cyber-Physical System (CPS) for People with Disability and Frail Elderly People

Cost Analysis on IPTV Hosing Service for 3rd Party Providers

16:30 - 18:00

Session 7:
Object Recognition & Understanding

An Integrated Virtual Environment for Visual-based Reaching

Prediction of Collisions between Vehicles Using Attainable Region

Extracting Detected Salient Object by Active Segmentation

Deinterlacing method based on edge direction refinement using weighted maximum frequent filter

Dependable 3D Object Recognition with Two-layered Particle Filter

Session 8:
Communicative Systems & Interaction

E-Book Readability, Comprehensibility and Satisfaction

Towards Better TV Viewing Rates: Exploiting Crowd's Media Life Logs over Twitter for TV Rating

Image Annotation by Leveraging the Social Context

Understanding the Impact of Bloggers' Self-disclosure on Resilience

A Remote Collaboration System Design and Construction

18:00 - 19:00

Break and Transportation

19:00 - 21:30

Conference Banquet

February 23


Room 90104

Room 90109

08:30 -

Registration Open
(2nd floor Hall)

08:30 - 09:00

Morning bread will be served with tea & coffee 

09:00 - 10:30

Session 9:

A Synchronization Method for Implementing an OFDM System Based on the TMS320C6416 DSP

Wireless Link Scheduling for Data Center Networks


A Flexible Side Information Generation Scheme using Adaptive Search Range and Overlapped Block Motion Compensation

Real Time Rectification Using Differentially Encoded Lookup Table

Session 10:
Intelligent Interaction Systems

Sound Sketching Via Voice

The Effects of Realistic Controller and Real-Life Exposure to Gun on Psychology of Violent Video Game Players

Interactive Dancing Game with Real-time Recognition of Continuous Dance Moves from 3D Human Motion Capture

Haptic Annotation for an Interactive Image

Image-based Dress-up System

10:30 - 10:50

Coffee Break

10:50 - 12:40

Session 11:
Wireless Sensor Networks
with Invited Talk 2: Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks for Critical Infrastructures
(Prof. Cristina M. Pinotti)

Die-hard Sensor Network: Robust Wireless Sensor Network Dedicated to Disaster Monitoring

LBP: A Secure and Efficient Network Bootstrapping Protocol for 6LoWPAN

A Generic Evaluation Method for Key Management Schemes in Wireless Sensor Network

Decentralized Average Consensus in Wireless Sensor Networks with Fading Communication Signals

Session 12:
New Frontiers in
Information Technology

Effective measurement selection in truncated Kernel density estimator

IMISSAR: an Intelligent, Mobile Middleware Solution for Secure Automatic Reconfiguration of Applications, Utilizing a Feature Model Approach

Generating Associative Ripples of Relevant Information from a Variety of Data Streams by Throwing a Heuristic Stone

Conflict Detection Method in Adopting Global XML Standard for Database Systems

Two-Phase Prediction of Protein Functions from Biological Literature based on Gini-Index

Graph Partition and Identification of Cluster Number in Data Analysis

12:40 - 13:50

(6th floor 600th Anniversary Hall)

13:50 - 14:40

Keynote Speech 2: Living Interactively and Socializing Ubiquitously
Prof. S. Shyam Sundar
(1st floor Room 90110)

14:50 - 16:00

Poster Session 3:

Intelligent Information Processing & Communication
(5th floor Hall)

Analysis of Service Interruption Time due to System Information Measurement in 3GPP LTE Femtocell

Text Localization in Natural Scene Images by Mean-shift Clustering and Parallel Edge Feature

A Smart Card based user authentication scheme for multi-server environment

Intelligent User Interface for Cleaning Robots based on Optimal User Experience

Multihop ACK-based Greedy Forwarding using Expected Transmission Cost in Wireless Sensor Networks

Adaptive Modulation and Coding for MIMO-OFDM Systems using LMS Channel Prediction and CQI Table Adaptation

Analysis of MVNO Diffusion

A Novel Ultra-Wideband Signal Acquisition Scheme Using Multiple Correlator Outputs Jointly

Performance Analysis of Dynamic Mobility Management for Proxy Mobile IPv6 Networks

Dynamic Categorical Influence Maximization

Least-Cost Path Estimation in Wireless Ad hoc Sensor Networks using Petri Nets

Geographical Recommendation Method using User's Interest Model based on Map Operation and Category Selection

A hierarchical block matching algorithm in depth extraction for binocular vision

A Reliable Storage Management Framework for Flash based Embedded and Multimedia Systems experiencing Diverse Data Nature

A Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme based on AMBTC

BER Analysis for Hard MMSE Detection in MIMO Systems

Domain-Based Causal Ordering Group Communication in Wireless Hybrid Networks

Comparison of Two Algorithms for 3D Skin Reconstruction

An Efficient Code Dissemination Mechanism for Building Automation and Industrial Control Networks

Energy-efficient Area Coverage by Sensors with Two Sensing Ranges

Optimization problems in proportional differentiated admission control

16:00 - 19:00

Two Dollar Tour

16:10 - 17:40

Session 13:

Radio Resource Management

Adaptive Hybrid Medium Access Control Scheme for Traffic Concentration Problem in the Mesh Portal of IEEE 802.11s-based Wireless Mesh Networks

Energy-Efficient Roadside Unit Scheduling for Maintaining Connectivity in Vehicle Ad-hoc Network

A Cross-Layer Design for Resource Allocation and Congestion Control in Multichannel Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks

Opportunities of MIM Capture in IEEE 802.11 WLANs: Analytic Study

Capacity-Optimum Mode Switching Strategies over a Cooperative Relay Network

Session 14:

Intelligence by Clustering

Exploiting User Feedback to Improve Quality of Search Results Clustering

Fragmenting Steiner Tree Browsers Based on Ajax

Document Clustering Using NMF and Fuzzy Relation

Efficient Link-Based Clustering in a Large Scaled Blog Network

Enhancing Hand Gesture Recognition using Fuzzy Clustering-based Mixture-of-Experts Model

20:00 -

Young Culture Night
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