The Second International Conference on
Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication

January 31 - February 1 2008, SKKU, Suwon, Korea

Call For Papers



Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

    Networking and Communications Technologies and Applications
      - Broadband access networks
        : WiMax/Wibro, optical, integrated optical & wireless
      - Wireless BAN/PAN/LAN
      - Wireless mesh networks, sensor networks
      - Mobile networks
        : All IP mobile network, mobile multicast/broadcast network, home network,   mobile multimedia QoS, mobile security, ad hoc network
      - Future Internet
        : architecture, routing, path computation, traffic engineering)
      - RFID

    Web and Intelligent Information Management Technologies and Applications
      - Knowledge discovery and data mining, link analysis, Web mining
      - Internet search, UCC management, online communities,
        automatic classification,
        e-commerce, e-learning, recommendation, personalization
      - Intelligent systems and techniques
        : robotics, autonomic computing, machine learning, semantic Web, etc.
      - Multimedia content recognition, indexing, search
      - Human Computer Interaction
        : virtual reality, usability of electronic devices and Web sites,
          engineering psychology and cognitive ergonomics, augmented cognition
      - Database management system (flash-based database system),
        personal information management, data integration and federation, security,

    Foundational Technologies
      - Distributed and parallel system architecture, service-oriented architecture
      - Embedded systems
        : architecture, co-design, real-time and operating system,
          application-specific processors and devices, system/network-on-a-chip
      - Software engineering
        : languages, programming and design methodologies, testing methodology,
          model-driven architecture, simulation methodology