Bicheondang in SKKU

The First International Conference on
Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication

8-9 February 2007, SKKU, Suwon, Korea


Call For Papers



Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  1. Intelligence Systems and Robotics
    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Reasoning, Context-awareness, Autonomic Computing, Robotics

  2. Embedded Systems
    Embedded System Software and Optimization, Embedded System Architectures, Hardware/Software Co-design, Real-time and Operating Systems, Application-specific Processors and Devices, Power-aware Computing, System/Network-on-Chip, Reconfigurable Computing, Related Applications

  3. Communications
    Wireless and Mobile Communication, RF, RFID, Related Applications

  4. Ubiquitous Computing, Networks and Security
    Pervasive Computing and Communications, Middleware and Peer-to-Peer Computing, Internet Computing and Applications, Network Protocols, Wireless and Wired Networks, Security and Fault Tolerance, Applications, Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Agents and Distributed Computing, Grid Computing, Related Applications

  5. Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia Processing
    Human Interface, Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, Usability and Internationalization, and Augmented Cognition, Multimedia Processing, Speech Recognition, Graphics and Imaging, Related Applications

  6. Software Engineering and Methology
    Programming Languages, Service-oriented Languages, Programming and Design Paradigms, Development Process, Testing, Software Architecture, UML, Model-Driven Architecture, Service-Oriented Architecture, Simulation Methology, Related Applicaions

  7. Web, Information Management and Data Mining
    Internet Search, Portals, UCC Management, e-Commerce Systems, e-Learning, Online Communities and Social Computing, Information Management, Databases, XML, Information Integration, Data Mining, Link Analysis, Information Personalization, Privacy, Related Applications

  8. Next-Generation and Foundation Technologies
    Nano Technology, MEMS, Semiconductor Devices and Processing, Energy and Power System, Related Applications

Important Dates

Final manuscript due: Jan 24 2007